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Creating healthier individuals resulting in happier families 

The dream is  still alive.

I have failed over, over and over, time and time again…
I did not seem to ever get it right…
So what…
God spare me the need for love, approval, appreciation, attention, acceptance, greed, envy…

It is never too late to turn your life around NEVER!

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. -Winston Churchhill

Have Courage to be truthful, take action and create results

Do you believe you are a victim of your past, people or circumstances, think again?

Read: Tension to Empowerment (From being a victim, rescuer & prosecutor to powerful, creative & resourceful-Outcome, Insight or Action Creator)

Do you know how to deal with adversity, setbacks and problems?

Learn about how to deal with adversity  Fall down 7 times, get up 8

Are you addressing the system or symptoms?

Your ability to think critically and problem solve

Over coming Limiting Beliefs, Fear lists and Becoming Unstuck

South Asian Open Dialogue

A place for South Asian women for their voice, contributions and input.

Get Inspired: Success Stories of South Asian Women
Positive and Uplifting Inspirations

. Clips . Role Models . Biographies
. Agents of change . Success Stories

Your Voice: Advocating your voice to bring about awareness

Your poems Success Stories Your Story
Your artwork Documentaries Books
Movies Articles Clips
News Importance of speaking up

Beauty & Fashion: For South Asian Women 
Free tips, secrets and short cuts

. Hair care . Make up tips . Skin care
. Dress to Impress . Inner Beauty . Anti-aging

Family & Relationships: Impacting South Asian Women 
Free strategies, tactics and suggestions

. Pre-marital classes . Arranged Marriage . Love Marriage
. Self . Supportive Friends . Husband
. Son . Daughter . Pregnancy
. Mother . Father . Relatives
. Mother in-law Parents . Living in a joint family
. Authority Figures . Mixed Marriages . Sibling
. Pre-maternity classes . Children . Parenting
. Gay/lesbian partners . Intimacy . Religious figures

South Asian Men: Have less stress and more energy for South Asian Women 
Free relaxation, rejuvenation and vibrant living

Growing up as a South Asian man South Asian abused men Are all south Asian men liars?
Men as our supporters Marrying a South Asian Man Training our sons

Home Management: Creating a healthy home for South Asian Women

Free ideas, techniques and solutions

Organizing Cleaning How to Get Rid of Curry Smell

Health & Wellness: Have less stress and more energy for South Asian Women 
Free relaxation, rejuvenation and vibrant living

Weight Loss Stress Reduction Meditation
Diabetes Depression Yoga
Arthritis Aids Exercise
Heart attacks Cancer Home remedies
Ayurvedic medicine Homeopathy Vippasana

Food, Nutrition & Cooking: Prepare and eat healthy, nutritious and tasty meals

South Asian Food  Proper Nutrition(Value) Eating times
Healthy Cooking Overcooking food . Enjoyment
Too much oil Too much sugar Too spicy

Basic Life Skills: Feeling capable of doing anything

How to think for yourself? How to make good decisions? How to have a good judgment?
Learn English Why Learn Computer Skills Handle Daily Life
Importance of Driving How to fill out paperwork confidently? How to get a bank account?

Work & Money: Learn, earn, grow and enjoy

Education/Trade/Skills Professions vs. arts Self-sufficient
Find out what you enjoy? Should I have a Joint Bank Account? Manage your own money
Highly qualified women not working How to build your own credit? Budgeting
Child Tax Benefit Your Own Business Investing
Owning a car Organize Learn, Earn & Grow
Job Search Work From Home Educate yourself about money
Re-training You Can Celebrate . Buying a house
. Online Courses Insurance

Mother Theresa: ‘God doesn’t require us to succeed; he only requires that you try.’ 

South Asian Women Network TV SAWNTV Videos

Currently online streaming is off due to content development

Become an Agent of Change


Get Involved


Problems: Face challenges, live fully, love openly and make your difference today

. Domestic Violence and AbuseVerbalDomestic Violence Elder Abuse . Dowry
. Femicide/Honour Killings Feticide Stalking
Forced Marriage . Abduction and imprisonment . Burning
Forced Abortion and Hymen repair 
. Selling their daughters . Child Marriages

. Human trafficking . Widows . Bullying
. Sexual orientation . Divorce in South Asians Suicide
Dating Scams Veil/Hijab . One bad apple
Dowry Marriage Scams . Marriage For Papers . Acid
Gambling Smoking . Drinking
. Drugs . Carrying children for money . Nosy
. Gangs Death Disowned
. Littering . Spitting . Manners

Solutions: Proposed ideas to solve some of our issues

Honour Killings Exploring Healthy Boundaries Safely Integrity
One Cultural Sensitivity Program Giving You a Voice Program (Awareness & Advocacy) Humility
Your Needs Survey Program South Asian Women Mentorship Program Forgiveness
Transparency Platform For Agents Of Change Program Applied Knowledge Is Power Program

.  Role Models

South Asian community needs to unite, take ownership and responsibility to provide the leadership to us with compassion, neutrality  while allowing us autonomy.

How you can get involved?

  • Volunteer with research, editing and content submission or creation
  • Contribute via programming, contacts or funds or assist us in filming events
  • If you are an Expert in your field working with South Asian community and would like to be featured sharing your experience and insights e-mail us at info@sawntv.com with the words TELL ME MORE PLEASE.
Disclaimer: SAWNTV.COM is a portal for South Asian women to voice their suggestions, opinions and solutions. If you are looking for legal, medical or professional help, please consult a professional. We do not endorse or recommend any course of action, product or service. You must do your own due diligence prior to making any decision that may impact your life.

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