Are all men liars?

Like any segment of the society, there are liars in any community. However, it is trait found per-dominant in South Asian men.

Any culture, country or religion can have men who are liars.

Are all  men liars?

Of course, not all of them are liars. But, be aware of all these ways they would lie to you.

The man is married with or without children and tells you that he is single. Be-aware of the signs like does he answer his phone, when does he see you or is he making you part of his social life taking you out, and introducing you to his friends openly.

  • some of them have wives back in their own country
  • they will use the ply I am so lonely
  • I don’t have a good relationships with my wife
  • my wife does not treat me well or does not give me sex etc.
  • dating girls and making false promises about marrying them

A friend (Caucasian girl; name withheld) dated and lived with this South Asian guy for 11 years and he never took her to see his parents. There was always an excuse or another.

Most of these men never intend to marry a girl from the developed world. To them these women are good enough to have fun with, sleep with and for time pass, but when it comes to marrying they will go back to their own country and bring a virgin. The excuse is that I got pressured into the marriage. Then they lament about the true relationship they initially had.

Who is there to hold them accountable?

Or are you too gullible to see into their lies?

A friend said “Why do you keep attracting liars?”

Read a horrific story here about men who lie.

What do you think about are all  men liars?

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The truth about liars Part 1

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Are all  men liars?

Does this documentary make you think again?

Women are considered as liars too by many men.

Make sure to watch the above videos about self-deception, creating illusions and accepting lies learned by age 4.

From minor lies to having people taking advantage of others completely.

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