Basic Manners for South Asian Men

“At the end of the game, the pawn and the king go back in the same box.” Italian Proverb

Basic Manners for South Asian Men need to be taught to them may it be in life, business or social environment.

I was told that as a South Asian woman, South Asian men are not going to take me seriously. I blew it off as though whatever it is not true.

Now, I must admit to you that what an eye opening experience dealing with South Asian men.

I ran into a hot shot at an event, this person has a decent voluntary position in a non-profit sector and is a business man. Now, I don’t recall who proposed a coffee to get together to discuss funding. However, I called and scheduled the meeting. The first meeting was rescheduled.

I got ready and drove across the city to meet this person and was early. This person was missing in action. In an hour, there was no news of this person showing up. I called few times over the next couple of days and sent an e-mail as well.

To my surprise there was no response, I have had an incident where the person had a heart attach, died and of course could not call back. So I got super worried about the incumbent being ill or something really went wrong in the family or business. I inquired from another friend to find out what has happened.

Apparently this person is fine and functioning in full capacity in his life. How long does it take to get back to someone? Nobody owes anything to anyone, we just require basic manners, courtesy and consideration.

My friend told me “welcome to dealing with South Asian people.” Love them or hate them, I am here to serve and are not going anywhere because they really need it.

If it is that I am a woman, if it is that today I am nobody…how about the reputation of this person. Things don’t stay the same for anyone and karma is a bitch that comes back to bite you.

Well this is my rant and rave to vent about only one of the strangest encounters with the South Asian crowd.

There are absolutely gentlemen in South Asian community.

Well, I am off to the cause of making a difference and don’t have time for such petty, small and inconsiderate people whose bank accounts might be full, but upstairs and heart is empty.

Here are some suggestions for you hot shot.

  • Don’t make a promise, if you cannot keep it
  • At least call, if you cannot make it
  • If you are busy or have other priorities, just make it clear
  • South Asian women are not stupid, brainless or heartless
  • If you cannot help, don’t offer
  • Take a second to get back to people

You have been added as my negative enforcement people list that angers one to do well. Thank you.


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