Forced Abortion and Hymen Repair in South Asia

Forced Abortion and Hymen Repair in South Asia

In South Asian culture, it is unheard of for a woman to have a child out of wedlock. Sex is such a taboo subject that we don’t talk about sex, we don’t educate our children about sex and forget about having having sex or showing any affection in public. I wonder how India ended up with one billion population, Pakistan with 130 million and other highly populated South Asian countries.

All my respect goes to the culture for the beauty of shyness, modesty and piety. If you think that pre-marital sex does not take place in Sout Asian culture think again not including sexual abuse, rapes and child abuse.

This blog is neither bitter expression nor jaded rant, it is just calling spade a spade. In our culture we will still find the highest numbers of virgin men and women. However to say that such things don’t exist is an illusion.

Please see below the definition of Forced Abortion and Hymen Repair:

If a woman becomes pregnant before marriage, and this is unknown outside the family circle, it may be considered a better solution to procure an abortion and surgical hymen repair procedure than to commit a crime.  However, if her condition is common knowledge, more severe responses may be required to quell negative responses from the community. Women’s consent to such medical procedures is acquired under duress, if it is acquired at all: it is impossible to make a free choice between an unwanted abortion and hymenoplasty and death at the hands of a relative. Such practises deny women’s sovereignty over their own bodies.

There is such a huge emphasis on a girl’s piety and her being a virgin that there is no consideration is given to other factors such as child abuse, rape and sexual abuse in families.

Does that make South Asian culture of denial, hypocrisy and unreasonableness?

In most cases, the woman is forced to marry her rapist. It is a rare case where it is approved to carry the baby.

A 16 year old girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist.

At the same token assuming that this happens in every family is also an ignorant assumption.

These are random thoughts on the topic and the purpose is to start the dialogue to attempt solutions to forced abortion and hymen repair.

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