How to be resilient when you experience setbacks

How to be resilient when you experience setbacks story

The way Bamboo grows is very peculiar when you’re watching from the outside. When initially planted, during its first year it grows into a small plant, in what looks like a normal plant growth pattern. But, in the second year there’s no more apparent growth, and it stays the same basic size.

This goes on in year two, year three and year four.

By that point you’ve no doubt given up on it, and probably concluded something’s wrong with the soil, or you’ve got a defective plant.

But then, in the fifth year, as long as it’s got the water and nutrients it requires, it shoots up 40 feet or more!

This is the perfect metaphor for how growth happens with many people and businesses. From the outside it can look like nothing’s happening, things aren’t exploding like you’ve anticipated, and you might begin to think you’re on the wrong path. There’s some growth, but nothing to write home about.

Yet, with the proper attention and conditions, a person or a business can suddenly experience rapid growth in what seems like a very short period of time. Sometimes it even looks a lot like the proverbial “overnight success.”

Here’s the truth about the Bamboo: In the first 4 years, the little Bamboo plant isn’t just sitting there doing nothing. Beneath the ground, it’s setting up an intricate root system. It’s anchoring itself and setting up the channels for sourcing the water and soil nutrients it will need in order to support its future growth.

Just like the entrepreneur, the Bamboo plant is busy building a foundation that will support its coming rapid growth and expansion. This is absolutely essential, because when the time comes for the growth explosion to happen (think launch), there has to be the root structure to support the plant, or the whole thing would come down and wouldn’t make it.

So, as you’re working hard to build your firm foundation, but it seems to you or the people around you that you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for – remember the little Bamboo plant, and how it becomes a forest!

Author Unknown

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