How to build your own power instead of borrowing it

We borrow power through association with others, our job or looks. These are largely external sources of power.

How to build your own power instead of borrowing it

  • Support: You are not alone. Having positive, understanding and empowering friends and family can make a great difference. Isolation can be very disempowering where you may feel that you are the only one facing a problem. When you see that there are other people going through similar issues, there is comfort in knowing that nothing is wrong with you.
  • Confidence building: You can do it. Inner, outer confidence and self-esteem are other critical ways How to build your own power instead of borrowing it. Act it until you make it.
  • Well being: You can have less stress. Energy is everything. To cope with life, to strive for your goals and to deal with the cards life throws at you. Stress can rob you of the power that you can exercise. Enough sleep, proper nutrition, exercise and spending time in nature can help with stress reduction. A regular spiritual practice and social interactions can increase your sense of well-being as well.
  • Financial independence: You can make more money. If you enjoy what you do, your work won’t feel like a burden, sacrifice or hinderance. When you do work based on your natural tendencies, strengths and monetary benefits, it does not feel like work. In addition, having your own money can free you from dependency on others, hence empowering you in return.

Instead of having an obsession with power, it is a positive attribute here because it would enable you to be less likely to be used or abused. Having the mindset that you are powerful, creative and resourceful can also set you on a path to empowerment.

How to build your own power instead of borrowing it

Start with where it is the easiest and concentrate on the things that you can control; even if the changes are small.

How long can you stand to be property of your father, brother, husband or your son?

As you depend so much for your basic human needs on men in your life, hence the decision making about your life stays with them too. If and when you are strong, independent and self-sufficient, you free yourself. You can make your own decisions what type of educations to get, where to work  and who to marry amongst many other choices that affection your life.

If you look around you will see that there are women who are being driven around, their forms are filled by men in their lives, and probably the grocery shopping is even done by men. It infuriates me, when they don’t think that we can or won’t let us do things that we can.

Some women may find comforting to be taken care of, but the price of that comfort is too high. It robs you of your life and power.

Here are 3 more things you can do to empower women by Opera

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