How to create a sense of urgency

Most people think that the difference they want to make in the world, they will do it tomorrow.

When they have enough time, enough money or perfected the art of something.

How to create a sense of urgency

Random thoughts on moving you to the next level:

  • we only have now, today and right moment to make a difference.Your power lies in this moment that is a present, not past or future
  • not here, not this and not with this person are symptoms of putting it off or major procrastination phenomenon
  • the truth is that you may keel over and die regardless of your age, health or other factors. After seeing a friend drop and pass away within 5 minutes at a tender age of 43, I am convinced that I better take each moment like a nectar and suck the juice out of it now.
  • my mother used to save everything, her good stuff that she brought with her as a dowry, sheets, dishes and other paraphernalia that one day her husband will buy a home and then she will start using it. She never lived to see that happen. So, use what you have now.
  • credibility is built through proper grammar and use of language. I would have to wait to perfect my writing or find people to edit this work. However, if I wait for that day, I could not contribute. Hence, I am not letting lack of resources or perfection stop me. If you are a prolific writer and would love to edit and contribute, please do.
  • excuses, blame and placing responsibility outside of us only allows us to keep our head in the sand of ignorance.We get so desensitized by the news that oh it is not happening to me or my sister; so why do anything.
  • here are more reasons for inaction: the problem is too big or the system is corrupted; how can one person make a difference?
  • we over philosophize everything to work on solutions, results or empowerment
  • get off your royal booty and risk something your time, energy and effort. Nothing ventured; nothing gained
  • you are “too” this or that, let us give it a nudge, a kick or move it around to see, if you can do anything
  • fear of disapproval
  • scared of looking like a fool
  • no experience; if anyone can do it, you can figure it out. It is not a rocket science or surgery. You maybe an amateur, but at least will see some results
  • every master once was a disaster
  • be a quick change artist
  • conditions will never be right
  • do it. Risk looking like a fool, failing, stumbling or even getting hurt.
  • So what, life is a beautiful journey even a little bumpy

Now you know how to create a sense of urgency, so start now. Pronto

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