How to deal with negative people in your life

How to deal with negative people in your life?

Let go and look inward.  You are just another living thing in the universe.  You are not attached to anything or anyone.  Let go.  You answer to your heart’s desires.  No matter how much or little you think you have, in the end it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you loved with your heart.  You must love yourself first.  See yourself as a ball of white energy that needs to grow by attracting positive energy.  You do this by listening to your heart and bringing joy to all that you connect with.  Through your gestures, smile and positive energy, you make connections in life.  You grow stronger.  Your heart grows happier.  You thrive.

None of this requires material gain or power over others.  You see there are just two choices.  You can choose to be positive or negative in any given moment.  Right now, you can decide to feel positive with the very next breath you take.  Feel the air slowly travelling through you and filling your lungs.  Feel the effortless transfer of air to energy within you.  Feel it sustaining you and keeping you alive.  Now realize that you don’t exist without that breath.  It is your primary source of life.

The next time you walk gaze at the sky for a moment and feel its positive energy.  Notice the fresh new leaves that have transformed our cities.  Each leaf lives, breathes and soaks up the sun’s energy.  As you walk along quietly think something positive about the next passerby.  As you replace positive thinking in your mind you displace anything negative.  This practice alone has powerful and remarkable results.  You create instant happiness, more importantly you build up positive energy that will get you through the next crisis.

Grappling with negative energy takes practice.  There are miserable people that thrive on dumping their negative energy on you.  I don’t understand them but I accept that they exist.  They need you to listen to their misery.  They need you to identify them as victims.  They need you to justify their state of negativity.  They need you to suffer with them.  They are everywhere and you need to know who they are in your life.  That’s the first step.  The second step requires you to make changes in your life to ultimately eliminate them.  You need positive energy to remove negative energy in order to grow stronger.

Find a way to rid yourself of an abusive spouse.  Find a way to distance yourself from a manipulative parent.  Find a way to limit yourself from a gossiping sibling.  Find a way to leave an unfair boss.  By storing positive energy you will build up the strength to find these ways.  You will need strength.  Start building it in your daily routines.  By simply noticing your breath or meditating for a few minutes you can begin storing positive energy.  Gradually, as you move away from sources of negativity, you will replace it with sources of positivity.

There are countless possibilities and opportunities.  The potential to grow is limitless.  Take a breath and start making a change in your life now.

Thank you to Sehota Magic for “How to deal with negative people in your life.”

Fire the toxic people from you life. They are blood sucking vampires who are robbing you of your vitality, energy and happiness. If you cannot avoid the exposure to such people, reduce your interaction as much as possible.

Good luck. This is an open dialogue, please feel free to contribute.

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