How to get what you want from a relationship

How to get what you want from a relationship

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahlil Gibran

Relationships are a place where we go to give, magnify every experience, grow and heal ourselves.
When I meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.

As I see him I will see myself.

As I treat him I will treat myself.

As I think of him I will think of myself.

Never forget this, for in him I will find myself or lose myself.

Do unto other as you would have done unto you because you are the others.


Who I am. What I teach myself, I teach others also.

What would I have my teaching be today?

Be what I want!

I will never become happy- I can only be happy. I can be what I want.

If I would want love, be loving.

If I would want care, be caring.

I can be what I want.


If I would want joy, be joyful.

If I would want peace, be peaceful.

I can be what I want.


If I would want happiness, be happy

If I would want kindness, be kind.

I can be what I want.


If I would want forgiveness, be forgiving.

If I would want acceptance, be accepting.

I can be what I want.


There is a world of difference searching for happiness and choosing to be happy.

Being is the key to happiness. No amount of doing and having can compensate for being because it is real.


Give what I want!

Giving is a gain, not a loss. Give generously.

Often what I want to hear from others is what I am currently not saying to myself.

What ever you compliment in another person I am strengthening in myself also.

Often what I am not getting may be what I am withholding.

The moment I withdraw love from anyone person, I withdraw myself also from the experience of love.


Today is my gift to the world.

Give what appears to be missing.

Give what I appear not to be getting.

Give what I think I have been searching for.

Give what I believe I have been waiting for.

Give generously, without though of loss or sacrifice.

Give openly, that I may receive what I want.

Give freely, that I may find what I am after.

Give fully, that my waiting may be over.

Above all, give what I want.

Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST

***A story about an act of kindness: This book was shipped to me by a stranger that I found online offering the book for free. Even though, I offered to pay for the shipping; the person sent it without any remuneration or recognition. It was unbelievable and revived my faith in humanity. Thank you stranger and I shall pay your kindness forward many folds. Peace, love, light and hugs***

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