How to marry a South Asian woman

How to marry a South Asian woman is a very delicate issue that needs to be handled carefully.

If you can get through the criteria, permissions and expectations of the family, your half of the battle is over.

The culture has the following sayings:

You should wash your husband’s feet and drink the water.

If there was anyone that would God have allowed to bow to beside himself that would have been a husband.

So many traditions as staying hungry all day to pray for your husband’s long life are practiced regularly for women to realize their husbands’ importance.

Is it right or wrong?

How to marry a South Asian woman

It is a guide into how to get into a South Asian woman’s heart and stay there.

There are some things that are deeply ingrained in South Asian women:

  • From a very young age, we are taught that there is one and only one man for us. So, even you may have come after a relationship that did not work. Don’t ever refer to the past, future or any potential relationship because you are the only man she wants to be with
  • As in 5 languages of love, find out what are ours acts of service, affection, quality time, words of encouragement or gifts
  • Let us do things for you, care for you and be concerned, if you did not show up on time after work
  • We don’t like confrontations, so be gentle and nice to say what you must. You are most likely to get your word across, if you are polite, considerate and courteous
  • Respect us as you would show it to your mother or sister
  • Be on the same team, when it comes to standing up on issues in front of family or relatives
  • Show appreciation by bringing a rose once in a while, by helping us with an errand or giving us a break
  • Say thank you, when we do something nice
  • We love our men and put up with much more than other cultures border-lining unhealthy attitude
  • Understand our love and care for family members
  • Be compassionate about our need to talk and share all the time
  • Like any human we are not perfect and have many idiosyncrasies
  • Put up with our food, music and culture
  • Being extremely respectful to our parents, siblings and relatives will only get you brownie points
  • Take the time to understand and be gentle with your findings

It takes a lot for a South Asian woman to leave her family or her husband.
Conditions have to be quite bad. Some value of her is being violated including her safety. Her needs are not met.

If she is saying no, she probably has very good reasons.

How to marry a South Asian woman

Things worth considering are:

Proper Communication
Acceptance (tolerance, validation, forgiving, supportive)
Trust (confidence, faith, belief)
Giving (kind, selfless, considerate, giving)
Respect (esteem, honor, admire)
Healthy Attitude Towards Self
Spiritual Foundation

Of course, South Asian women have to do their own part in the marriage as well.

How to marry a South Asian woman is a delicate subject as that it is not easy to win her heart, but once you are in.

Be wary of any heavy duty bouts of womanizing, addictions or pre macho syndrome.

Being plain lazy, insecure and unreliable gets you red flags too.

If you are declaring your love, mean it by your words, actions and love.

She is trained all her life to become a good wife for you.

She would probably love you for rest of your and her life.

So treat her like a cherished flower with respect, care and love.

How to marry a South Asian woman is an open dialogue and we encourage your feed back.

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