How to stop my mind from thinking all the time

How to stop my mind from thinking all the time?

Your mind is an extremely powerful tool.

Either it can rule you or you rule your mind.

Are you the master or servant of your mind?

Do you let unnecessary worry, thinking and obsessing take over productive and useful time?

As you may have head, life management is mind management.

It is very important to learn how to control and tame your own mind for maximum peace, tranquility and joy.

Sometimes we cannot help it but think when we are trying to solve our problems, someone annoyed us or we are worried about something.

How about

Picture your mind as the picture above this big king kong guerilla that has gripped you in its hands. Now this guerilla is jumping from tree to tree without any rhyme or reason. Jumps up, down, runs in several directions. Imagine what that would do to your being. Feeling dizzy, shaken and tired are only few consequences of this mishap.

As your mind is also very reactive and jumps on everything that comes its way, meditation will help you to calm down. The mind is also always craving or being averse to something or other. Picture the guerilla wanting more and more of all types of food without any satisfaction in sight. Craving is an endless pit of un-satisfaction where objects of your affection can keep changing. Aversion on the other hand is nothing is good enough and you keep throwing away everything and having temper tantrums.

Now imagine yourself mediating. Watching your breath going in and out. Without much struggle, keep bringing your mind back to your breathing. There are several meditation techniques. Vipassana meditation has a technique called Anapana.

As describes Anapana:

If the mind is dull or agitated, if it is difficult to feel sensations or difficult not to react to them, practice Anapana. Keep you attention in the area below the nostrils and above the upper lip. Remain aware of each breath as it enters or leaves the nostrils. If the mind is ver dull or very agitated, breathe deliberately and slightly harder for some time; otherwise, the breathing should be natural.

Vipassana is another technique that is taught by

If you can spare yourself 10 days, one of the best things that you can ever do for yourself in life is a 10 day silence meditation retreat with It will change your life forever. The retreat is free of charge and is only based on voluntary donations after the fact.

After experiencing the 10 days of meditation, I found myself to be more in tuned with life, sharper focus and healthier body and mind. The experience cleanses and purifies your mind, body and soul.

I cannot wait to get back again.

Second meditation technique that has worked for me to stop my mind from thinking all the time is Holosync technology.

Third thing that I have found very useful is “Stop, see it, but don’t be it” from Michael Gerber’s book E-Myth Mastery.

Now picture that guerilla to be tamed by you and only function at your request leaving you to be peaceful, productive and free from the shackles of bondage. Importance of daily practice of meditation are many to name a few. You recharge, connect with the higher power, relax and rejuvenate in eternal silence.

This is just the beginning of this dialogue about How to stop my mind from thinking all the time.

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