How to truly forgive

How to truly forgive ?

It is really hard when we have been hurt, taken advantage of or at worst been violated by someone.
May it be yourself, your family, your friends or strangers.
The questions go through our mind during and after like
Why me?
How could This person do that?
Why did not I see it coming?
How come I let the person do this and that?
What should I have done in that situation?
How can I be so stupid to let this happen to me?
Why am I a sucker for punishment?

If you look at the insult as their problem, not yours, it is easier to handle it.
Nobody or nothing is perfect.
Compassion for yourself and others is very important.
Seeing, acknowledging and taking the high road
Looking at the cost of carrying a grudge, it takes up space in your head, heart and affects your energy negatively.


True Forgiveness is the willingness to believe I am whole and no one can threaten or take away my wholeness.

I feel tender, but I pick forgiveness now.

I feel afraid, but I choose love now.

I feel hurt, but I want healing now.

I feel angry, but I affirm peace now.

I feel sad, but I wish for happiness now.

I beg to, now, of my fear of forgiveness.

I declare, today a day of amnesty in which

I gratefully volunteer to give up all my

Resentments and grievances. One by one,

I give away every fear, scar, guilt and hatred,

For I will not keep what, in truth, does not belong to me.

I choose wholeness now. I will no longer teach myself or anyone else that we are guilty. We are free. We are free. I pray for peace, and I will sprinkle kindness, radiate love and scatter joy wherever I go. And may Gold help me to handle well all of the happiness that must inevitably follow! So be it.

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