Labels are for clothes not people

Our South Asian people tend to label each other immediately.

Why is there such a need to put people in a box instantly?

Does it make you feel safer?

Hence, Labels are for clothes not people.

Why judge, back bite and label, when human beings are constantly growing and changing.

We have a right to change our minds and be whomever we choose to be as long as we are not hurting anyone.

In religious scripts, back biting is equivalent to eating your brother’s dead meat. Yuck.

South Asian ladies please stop labeling each other. It is just suffocating, scary and distasteful.

We cannot stop as human beings to judge others. However, it is said that when you are busy judging, you have no time to love human beings.

So after reading labels are for clothes not people, please keep those killer eyes, whispers and talking behind someone’s back to minimal.

Someone maybe doing that to you too.

Instead of labeling you can choose to take the high road, say something good about the person or don’t say anything.

Don’t stoop to other’s level and carry yourself with class.

Think how it poisons your disposition to negatively put someone down.

Put yourself in other person’s shoes, if they said something negative,
nasty or plain mean, how it would make you feel?

How the little gossip would effect your energy, your relationship and your karma?

We are wonderful human beings and can be amazing in so many ways.

Our positive qualities include giving, hospitable and genuinely caring, when we want to be.

Care of our family and friends outweighs any other quality.

Consider having compassion for strangers as your family because you don’t know where they have been, what circumstances and why they are behaving the way they are.

If you don’t understand, give them the benefit of doubt.

Here is a short story:

A man with 5 unruly children was travelling in a train. Children were screaming, jumping and fighting with each other.

He did not say anything to his children.

One passenger was appalled at watching this and told the man to tell the children to be quite.

The man replied, we are just returning from the hospital and their mother died today.

We are so quick to judge that we forget to extend compassion to other human beings who are sharing this planet with us.

Our egos are not that big that we let them label others without much consideration for their conditions, environment and experience.

Ask yourself?

What else could this mean?

Put yourself in the person’s shoes and see why they would be acting the way they are?

Maybe they did not have parents growing up who could have told them any better.

Perhaps they suffered a trauma that the behaviour became an instant reaction.

We all make mistakes and do things that we are not proud of later.

Forgive yourself and others for our shortcomings, and extend unconditional love in the short term that we are on this earth.

Love for all, hatred for none.

Labels are for clothes not people is an open dialogue and please feel free to contribute your comments, suggestions and ideas.

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