Marrying a South Asian Man

Marrying a South Asian Man

How would be marrying a South Asian Man?

What reservations would you have?

There are many things to consider marrying, but in South Asian culture some are more prevalent than others.

In life nothing is perfect, so you cannot expect your man to be perfect either.

South Asian culture has its’ own idiosyncrasies and they can create problems for you later.

I would think very carefully and do my due diligence before getting involved with a South Asian man.


Some of the concerns that I have are below:

  • How independent is he?
  • Who is running his life? Himself, his parents, his relatives, religion or cultural norms?
  • Is he going to be controlling? Boss me around tell me what to do what not to do, who to meet or what to wear?
  • Would he participate in the activities that I enjoy?
  • Is he truthful and a person of high integrity?
  • Would he help around the house?
  • Is he going to respect my family?
  • How old is he and is he still living with his family?
  • Are you expected to live with his family after marriage?
  • Would he show respect to me?
  • Is he able to participate in the child raising process?
  • Does he overly play, watch or obsesses about hockey, cricket or other sports?
  • Is he lazy?
  • Does he have any bad addictions gambling, alcohol or smoking?
  • Is he very picky with food, clothing or other matters of life?
  • How much does he listen to other women in his life like mother, sister and cousins?
  • Would he be loyal in a relationship?
  • Is he overly judgmental?
  • How good is he in bed? Is he going to make sure that I am reasonably satisfied? Or is he going to jump on me, do his deed and be off?

If you are able to do your home work ahead of time before marrying a South Asian man, you will be better off later on.

I compare getting into a relationship like buying a shoe, it just has to be almost perfect. Would you buy a shoe solely based on its appearance or looking at it? Or that the style is really nice.

Otherwise, as soon as you get into it every thing will make you uncomfortable, hurt you or plainly give you blisters.

This is an open dialogue, please feel free to comment.

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