Never again not my mother, sister, daughter or myself

Have your ever heard that Jewish people said that never again they will be mistreated or killed, so they established themselves well in the world.

Never again not my mother, sister, daughter or myself will be disrespected, abused or oppresses.

I cry for my mother, my sister and myself; no human has to go through such terrible things.

One can forgive, but not forget.

Change has to start with oneself and then from the people around us.

Be the change you want to see in the world.”Mahatma Gandhi

Here is a little poem:

YOU have the power of One

L(one)some story of a humane intelligence, integrity & compassion

When one person leaves a village in a third world country that one has the power to change the destiny of:

One self

One’s immediate and extended family

One’s friends

One’s country of residence

One’s generations to come

The responsibility starts with oneself.

At a very young age one realized that one had power over nothing or nobody. The only one I could change was one

The future vision of improving everything dissolved one’s self-centeredness

The goodness, beauty, truth, love and compassion had to start with one

Feelings of sharing higher thoughts, happiness, joy, education and compassion had to reside within one

One lives in a wonderful place always improving looking up in the sky for inspiration and execution of amazing ideas

L(one)some without some(one) sharing similar ideals.

Where to find the one?

To have the power of one + one =?

                                                        -Written by a South Asian woman

May you be inspired to change, to help and to transcend new realities…


Never again not my mother, sister, daughter or myself

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