Overprotective Children

Overprotective Children instead of overprotective parents.

We hear a great deal about overprotective parents, but not as much about overprotective children.

This topic can be as painful the other way around. So it is not who is protecting who, but it is about the impact it has on the people involved; especially third parties.

Before you go into any defensive, protective or not listening mode, please keep your mind and heart open to this subject.

The person on the receiving end like your new partner may be experiencing these things seriously.

As children, we react extensively when we feel that we are a burden to our parents.

We carry that part that we want to protect our father or mother.

Natural side is with intuition and instinct that is we are happy and sad. We have all types of emotion. However, the natural part is happy and free.

The adopted child is terminology that when the child does not utilize his or her natural side.

When we are small we are vulnerable.

Children observes everything.
Parents work hard. Children feel the energy of difficulty and compromise even if the parents don’t share.

Send message that it is too much, don’t know how to handle and it is easier without you.

Don’t be or don’t exist. This is the vibration that the kids get.

It is easier that if you were not here.

I don’t exist and I don’t belong and attract this vibration of survival and protect the parents.

Negotiate to deal with life.

So children become very sweet or rebellion.

Adoptive child becomes good and sweet or rebellion.

Parents have nourishing or critical tapes.

Adopted child is doing implementation.

Natural child is adoptive.

A child can transform into a rescuer to make parents happy. They can transform into persecutor or a victim.

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