Pain Is Inevitable Suffering Is Optional

Fate and fortune dictate our personal circumstances, don’t they? Each of us wakes up each day to different sets of circumstances in life. Who among us knew what circumstances were waiting for us before we arrived on the planet? We assume our roles, duties and values. Of course, our environment and influences shape us along the way. And of course, deep inside us is our conscience. We take many paths, but none of us could have predicted the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. Life happens.

We are many. We are young and old mothers. We might be career minded or household warriors, or both. Many of us seek a new life and many more hope for change. On any given day, we may experience sadness, remorse, guilt, envy, loss, bitterness, discouragement or anger. Despite our different stages of life and having completely different troubles, problems and fears, we share much in common. It’s our human ability to overcome all challenges and find meaning in any set of circumstances. Finding meaning only produces a sense of peace and contentment.

Let us focus now on the reality that amplifies meaning and the reality that impacts us all regardless of our daily duties and familiar obligations.

None of us has any true sense of how much time we are given. Fate keeps this a tight secret from us all and conspires only with the universe. We are completely in the dark on this. This we have in common, too. But we also have the most critical of human functions. We are blessed with the innate power to choose our attitude in any given moment. Mix the two together and a positive action results.

My dear friend Veena’s husband cheated on her. She now struggles to keep up each month, raise two boys, and chase the cheat for support. On the surface it’s hard times, but with each passing day something beautiful happens. Veena grows stronger. She adapts to change. Her attitude is simple. “I can do this.” I can raise my boys into strong and responsible men, and watch them become strong and responsible fathers. Veena realizes that each day given to her is a gift to further her goal. She focuses. Her attitude leaps off the bed each morning. Her attitude is simple. “I can do this.” I can teach my boys to be responsible. They rely on Veena. They count on her. They grow. The powerful tonic produces action in Veena. Mixing too little time with positive attitude is all it takes. She is living, growing and creating a legacy. I no longer see Veena struggling. She is now a more devoted mother. Veena is a champion among brave women. A crisis one day soon led to her discovering deep meaning in her life. Contentment and peace will result.

How much time have you got left? What is your attitude going to be today? Discover your meaning in life. Opportunity is given to us all.

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