Showing Vulnerability

Showing vulnerability or not is a question of this article.

Survival of the fittest tells one that it makes sense to hide your weakness, short coming or pain.

Does it hurt us, harm us and affects us negatively especially as a South Asian woman to reveal our vulnerability?

How about showing vulnerability to a man?

How about showing vulnerability in relationships?

I have tried pretending to be wearing different hats, but it does not work for me. Personally, I am against putting on a facade and being untrue to myself and others.

No matter how much humans deny it, there is need for showing our humanity, our humility and our love.

No one is fallible.

No one is invincible.

The craziest thing is that everyone has the same bottlely functions, gets sick and is going to dies one day.

I have never understood extremely cauky, arrogant and know it all people.

They think their stuff does not smell.

Living humbly, gently and transparently is extremely beautiful.

As nice, soft and friendly I am, you cannot take it as weakness. If you met the woman inside me who is strong, determined and resolute, when I make up my mind. I dig my teeth into something and won’t let it go. The iron will grapples on my objective, principle and value no matter what the cost.

I show my soft side, you will rarely meet the iron fist behind my velvet glove.

Any how, authenticity and humanity are my stance amongst making a true difference.

I am a firm believer in that we are not only what meets the eye and their is a higher power surrounding us.

I guess all this depends on our negotiables than what are we willing to be flexible on.

Am I wrong in promoting being transparent?

One day hope in humanity gets revived and another day falters.

Is there time and place for showing or not showing vulnerability?

Is it advisable to a South Asian woman to show vulnerability?

As a South Asian woman where you are already being oppressed, marginalized and suppressed, can you afford to be or show your vulnerability?

Would a man, a relative or a stranger take advantage of you, if they feel that they are vulnerable?

Do you have safe people around you that you can trust and put your guards down?

Can you trust people in general?

Quality of your questions determines your reality.

How responsible are we, if someone takes advantage of us?

How important are our boundaries?

Hence, starting this dialogue to help all alike and provide their input below.


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