Smoking amongst South Asians

Smoking amongst South Asians is very common even considering that other ethnicities have largerly kicked the habit.

Besides having devastating health impact on the health of the smoker and those getting the second hand smoke, the colour  and vitality on the face of these individuals have disappeared. The smell is disgusting on breath, clothes and hair.

Imagine waking up beside someone who smokes in the middle of the night and taking in the smoke. It is unbelievable.

Most people, especially South Asian man, get addicted at an early age in school. Most cigarette companies give out smokes for free to get these youngsters addicted. Then there is the peer pressure to be cool and try smoking.

On the ladder of development, South Asians have a long way to go, when it comes to different unhealthy habits including smoking.

Smoke Free South Asians

Smoke Free Ontario – Quit You Have It in You!
Provides Quit information Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu


If you are full of reasons, why you cannot quit smoking. There are hundreds why you should including taking the life of your loved one before their time, especially if they have asthma or some condition that smoking can be fatal.

10 Powerful Tips To Quit Smoking

We Love Cigarettes 

A love of nicotine unites all peoples across the globe, regardless of colour, wealth or creed.

Where religion and politics have failed tobacco has succeeded, but at what cost?

For over 50 years people have been knowingly paying for the pleasure of tobacco with their lives, making man’s fatal tryst with the cigarette one of the strangest love affairs ever.

But as smoking bans in the US and Europe abound, what is happening in poorer nations?

Their love affair is still in its first flush – one third of the world’s cigarettes are smoked in China alone.

And globally the tobacco industry is still worth $430 billion and going strong.

The Tobacco Conspiracy

A history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. From the US in 1953 to Africa today, the controversy between individual responsibility and corporate greed is portrayed in a lucid, undaunted manner.

From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, tobacco companies show their hidden agenda more clearly than ever in this theatrically released documentary.

More than three years of investigating all over the world has allowed Nadia Collot to decipher the attitudes of an industry that, in spite of many prevention campaigns still expands its power at the cost of public health. Three aspects of industry behavior are studied:

1. Scientific subversion: proof of the manipulation of scientific evidence and buying out of scientists to maintain controversy over the health issues related to smoking, but even more so today, related to environmental tobacco smoke.

2. Ideological subversion: whether it be through clever and disguised product placements on screen or TV, creating its own biased health messages, implementing subtle and ingenious marketing tactics or using political lobbying manoeuvres, the tobacco industry has gone to unbelievable extents to do what it says it never will.

3. Economic strategies: to develop as fast as possible, to infiltrate closed-market countries, to better reach the young and the poor, smuggling is one of the ways the industry has chosen to organize its international growth.

Stop with the excuses and find the courage and resolve to quit smoking now.

Life is so precious why poison it with smoking???

This is an open dialogue and please comment below.

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