South Asian Feminist Revolution

South Asian Feminist Revolution

May this story be told in few years how women united for women’s liberation.

If things were to change for South Asian women, who was going to do it?

No one else, but South Asian women themselves. It was until they themselves refused to put up with injustice and took a stand for it.

No more, not again, not my sister, not my mother, not my daughter or me.

As much as many of us enjoyed the life of a house wife and had no desire to advance ourselves beyond that.

There were women who were fired up by the issues dealing with their own safety, well being and future of their families.

It all started with few progressive activist women joining together and bringing their allies with them. They learned a great deal from the feminist revolution of the Westren World.

How did they do it?

  • Unite like minded progressive outspoken women who were brave enough to raise the issues even though facing stigma from the community
  • Advocated their issues through the media, politics and at community level
  • Handed out brochures, flyers and pamphlets to increase awareness to have people join them
  • Took their causes in peaceful rallies
  • Started treating each other with care
  • Actively taught their sons to treat women with respect
  • Trained their daughters to be independent and strong
  • Brought men brothers, father, husband and son to their own side
  • Had laws changed around women’s issues like making forced marriage, honour killings, child abuse and domestic violence a crime

Knowing women’s rights was no longer a foreign phenomenon to South Asian men or women. However due to centuries of oppression, it was almost alright to treat South Asian women as second class citizens by their own families.

These ideas are no longer radical considering that feminist revolutions had taken place in other countries and cultures.

What were the factors in South Asian women coming together to revolt?

->Their ability to unite, to get organized, to persistently and consistently promote one cause and in making head ways in betterment of their own lives, their children’s and families lives.

Their biggest challenge was thinking of their own families, community and religious organizations.

In the viral internet age, it was not difficult to spread the word like wild fire to implement a change.

Did they have it in themselves to get organized to bring about change?

Once started, South Asian feminist revolution took the life of its own and the rest was history.

Thanks to South Asian Feminist Revolution that now they enjoy free, equal and safe status with their counter parts.

The questions that were asked were are South Asian women willing to take the banners and march down the streets for their issues?

For More Read: South Asian Women Liberation Movement

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