South Asian Women Contributing Silently

As many may not understand, but it is not about recognition or fame for South Asian women.

Why South Asian women contributing silently?

No matter how advanced, independent and free we become, we are deeply respectful of our families.

No matter what, we don’t want to cause our parents, siblings or relatives any discomfort by our choices.

It was our decision to leave, reject or rebel; however, the ones who choose to stay in their comforted environment can do so.

You may call it being submissive, subjugated or something else, but we are very much the product of our environment, our up bringing and family values no matter how independent we become and want to embrace the entire world in one big scoop.

I met another friend tonight who is a very strong, independent and outspoken woman actively working on eradicating human injustices.

While grabbing dinner, we agreed that both of us choose to stay anonymous because of respect for our famillies.

If a South Asian woman was a bag, she was definitely stuffed with loyalty, respect and genuine love for her family no matter how they treated her.

It is food for thought, that we are not ready to sell out our families, community or religion for few minutes of rendezvous with fame, money or any other recognition.

For those who do not comprehend this conundrum can leave us to our vices.

Please support, encourage and hoot any woman who is silently working behind the scenes without any judgment, need to understand or know their inner dilemmas with loyalty and love verses courage and freedom.

Then there are women like Gule Sheikh  who show up as the first body builder woman of Pakistan. How did she handle herself with her family, culture and religion despising seeing her in a bikini on the stage. She even managed to get married with a suitable South Asian doctor after the fact. Change maybe slow, but it is definitely taking place.

Life is full of contradictions; however silent or loud, we are doing our bit to make a difference in this world.

“If you are too busy judging, you have no time to love.” Unknown

This is an open dialogue about South Asian Women Contributing Silently or Openly,  please feel free to contribute below.

Thank you.


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