South Asian women liberation movement

South Asian women liberation movement

How did the South Asian women liberation movement worked?

  • Use their power of the vote to elect officials who would promote women’s well being or at best elect women representatives
  • Hold two day plus meetings to discuss South Asian women’s rights
  • Every year, International South Asian women’s rights convention is held
  • South Asian women take complete control of their women’s rights convention, refusing men any form of participation apart from attendance
  • Begun speaking out widely for South Asian women’s rights and issues impacting their lives and their families
  • South Asian women’s movement leaders gain international attention
  • “Ain’t I a Human?” speech electrifies the UN
  • “A Paper Devoted to the Elevation of South Asian Woman,” it is acknowledged as the first feminist newspaper of the South Asian women liberation movement
  • Present petitions bearing 100,000 signatures directly to create many issues facing South Asian women like forced marriage a crime
  • The South Asian Women Equal Rights Association is formed
  • Referenda on woman suffrage are held in many countries
  • Publish the first edition of The South Asian Women’s Revolution, which becomes one of the most important radical periodicals of the women’s movement. Its motto: “Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less!”
  • More conservative activists to work exclusively for women’s particular issues, focused on amending each countries constitutions.
  • The Anti-Violence Party is founded by wives of prominent men, including many South Asian men
  • Although women fined, prisoned for disrupting important public meetings to bring attention to South Asian women liberation movement, they continue
  •  “Declaration of Rights for South Asian Women” is introduced
  • 3,000 women supporters march in the Toronto parades, with an estimated 70,000 onlookers
  • Yearly South Asian women vigil”We will never forget you” is held for the victims
  • The day preceding President’s inauguration, 8,000 women parade in _____, organized by ___. They are mobbed by abusive crowds along the way
  • Speaking tours are organized internationally
  • Constitutions have been amended
  • A bequest from Mrs. ______ publisher of _______, puts $1,000,000 at the disposal of SAWNTV for “the furtherance of the cause of South Asian woman rights.”
  • South Asian women activist fly over President’s yacht and drop women’s rights amendment petitions
  • South Asian Woman’s Party pickets appear in front of the White House holding aloft two banners: “Mr. President, What Will You Do For Woman Rights?” and “How Long Must Women Wait For Liberty?” Sentinels remain stationed there permanently regardless of weather or violent public response, with hourly changes of shift. Arrests of the South Asian Woman’s Party pickets begin on charges of obstructing traffic. Subsequent pickets, tried and found guilty, refuse to pay the $2500 fines and are sentenced for up to six months in jail. Their inhumane treatment in jail creates a cadre of martyrs for the suffrage cause.
  •  In response to public outcry and jailers’ inability to stop the South Asian Woman’s Party pickets’ hunger strikes, the government unconditionally releases the pickets
  • President finally addresses the Senate personally, arguing for woman rights
  • In an urn directly in line with the White House front door, the South Asian Woman’s Party builds a perpetual “watchfire for freedom” in which they burn the words of every hypocritical speech President gives about democracy
  • The most prominent South Asian Woman’s Party suffrage prisoners tour the country on a train called the “Prison Special.” At each stop they speak about the need for women’s rights and their prison experiences; between stops they threw suffrage literature out the windows for communities
  • Hundreds of campaigns were held over the years on different issues

All this will happen and more, it is just matter of time. The tools, methods and tactics might be different due to the times of technology Internet, TV and Mass Media, however being “the cause” of South Asian women liberation movement is the same.

Courage, truth, perseverance and persistence are only few traits that South Asian women need to develop to unite, organize and campaign to implement their own rights.

No one is coming to the rescue, so you might as well get started now.

For more read: South Asian Feminist Revolution

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