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Purpose: South Asian Women Empowerment

You would agree that there is a difference between solitude and isolation.

In Federal penitentiaries, the worst kind of punishment is solitary confinement. Isolation is deadly.

Picture yourself as a South Asian woman who has very little language skills, does not drive or does not go outside of her home to work.

Many South Asian women due to culture or migration end up extremely displaced and isolated.

They become dependent on their men for even very basic survival needs.

Their families are perhaps in the third world country or don’t understand or support them.

South Asian Women Network is created to provide support to South Asian women in need.

As the story goes,

“a man falls into a well and screams for help.
A doctor is going by, writes a prescription, and throws in the well.
The man still wants help to get out.
A priest goes by and throws in a prayer on a piece of paper.
He is still screaming that please someone get me out of here: it is dark and I am wet, cold and hungry.
A friend goes by and jumps in.
The man in the well says are you stupid, you should have stayed up their and gotten me out.
The friend says I was down here before and know how to climb out. I will teach you how to get out.”


Like an umbrella is only good at the time of the rain.

South Asian Women Network TV website offers teachings for you and your loved ones at the time of dire need.

Give a gift of empowerment to yourself, loved ones or friends by forwarding this website.

Normally, we solve our problems by:

  • What we have done before
  • Trail and error
  • Here-say
  • Then, learn from those who have gone through a similar situation before and dealt with it effectively

Learning from cradle to grave enables you to deal with your challenges better.

In addition to listening, empathizing and being there for them, you can give them a solution, a suggestion or an idea to help.

When we take an action doing something/anything about our situation; we feel better.

Sometimes just giving something else to think about gets the person’s mind off their issue at hand allowing them to look at the situation objectively.

Join South Asian Women Network and offer a little support, a quick phone call and a short note that can make someone’s day. You can put a smile on someone’s face by just little approval, attention, appreciation, and admiration of quality or trait. By active listening, acknowledging and recognition, you can really make someone feel loved. If you really listen, you will see that we are all suffering in one way or another.

When you get a speck in your eye, it hurts so much. To the outsider, it is just a tiny piece of something and for you it is devastating. So, it is not our job to minimize or maximize the importance of their pain, but to have compassion for their condition.

Be a friend to humanity in every moment now and here, not tomorrow, not when you will have enough money or not when you will have enough of this or that.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

This is a gift that keeps giving…speaks volume.

It is because the world is so full of suffering,

That my happiness is a gift.

It is because the world is so full of poverty,

That my wealth is a gift.

It is because the world is so unfriendly,

That my smile is a gift.

It is because the world is so full of war

That my peace of mind is a gift.

It is because the world is in such despair.

That my optimism is a gift.

It is because the world is so afraid,

That my love is a gift.

Happiness Now!

South Asian Women Network is looking for a venue to hold meetings once a month, sponsorships and support.

Become an online support life line now via Join SAWN TV FACE BOOK GROUP

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