South Asian Women to Learn Driving a Car

South Asian Women to learn driving a car.

As silly as it may sound to those who are self-sufficient, progressive and already driving a car, it is very important that our women learn to drive.

Even if you can afford a driver, learn to drive a car. It is a skill that goes a long way.

When I was a teenager, I remember trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. We had to do it at night because in a third world country a girl outside riding a bicycle at least in a conservative family was not accepted. The bicycle was so high that I could not get on it and kept falling. My brother called me stupid and there went my adventure of riding a bicycle.

Years later as I gained my freedom, the first thing I wanted to do were to learn bicycling. It was a matter of life and death that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  A Jewish friend got me a bike that was appropriate for my height and provided me with support at a public park.

As I kept getting on the bicycle and falling, I was determined to learn. Three hours later after falling, stumbling and crashing on the floor, I was able to ride the bicycle. Right tools, support and determination allowed me to conquer my fear.

Since then my motto has been, if someone else can do it I can do it.

The same goes for driving.

As basic as it may sound, it is very important that South Asian women learn to drive a car. I was the first woman in my family who learned how to drive amongst other things and love it. I have driven all across North America, in Dubai and other countries.

Now majority of the other girls have learned to drive as well. I am so proud of my aunt who cannot read or write much English, but was able to get a driving license.

Face your fears in small and large things and before you know, it would not be a great deal to take chances and try new things.

Just remember even if it scares you, you must keep trying until you get it.

South Asian Women to learn driving a car.

Benefits of learning to drive are many.

  • In case of emergency you can drive
  • It is liberating and gives you so much freedom
  • This one fact will help you with your confidence

There are many South Asian women who are bus drivers, truck drivers and drive for a living. Then there are those who lack the confidence to get on the highway and lastly worst are those who lack the confidence or desire to even attempt.

If you are not 80 yet and have sound mind and body, please learn to drive.

Observe the drivers in your family. Familiarize yourself with your streets. Study the ins and outs of driving, take a class with an instructor and keep going until you get a driving license.

Every country has different rules for getting your license.

In Canada, you have to write a written driving test, which gives you G1. After driving beside an experienced driver you can get G2 followed by G later on. Rules may keep changing but you can definitely learn to drive as a South Asian woman.

Insurance, maintenance and repair can be done through trustworthy mechanic. Most people are very helpful to guide you in the right direction.

You can read about it more how to get a driver’s license in Canada.

This is an open dialogue please feel free to comment.

South Asian Women to learn driving a car is an open dialogue, please feel free to comment below.

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