Ten Permissions that you can give yourself

Ten Permissions that you can give yourselfGive yourself permission to understand that we live in a bubble universe and we only experience what is in our own heads. Our world is different from every other human and animal on the planet. We are unique and how we experience the world is unique to us.

Give yourself permission to believe nothing, not anyone else’s story nor your own story. All the stories we tell ourselves are lies and nothing is really true. It’s just our stories. Take nothing anyone says to you or about you personally as they are talking about you. They are talking about a character in their story, a character that is not you. They can never really know you nor know who or what you really are.

Give yourself permission to transform what your judge says into something that you no longer believe. Your judge has been lying to you all your life. All the judgments about you, about you are not good enough not smart enough or not perfect enough are lies the judge has told you.

Give your self permision to understand what you call thinking is the judge talking-that it is NOT YOU! You can have the judge work for you or against you. There is no in-between. You must require the judge to give only resppect and love-and even then do not believe it.

Give yourself permisison to watch your life movie in the theatre of your mind an dsee it as it truly is, an illusion that you have made up, simply as story. That what you think happened is not real. It is only your story of what happened. Others will have other stories an dnone of them are true.

Give yourself permission to decide how you want to re-write your story. What do you want to ben in your story and what kind of experiences would you like if you could wite your own story. Giv eyourself permission to write this new sotry and to be willing and courageous enough to have what you really want.

Give yourself permssion to know that you are pure life force writing the book of your life and that you can change your own character in the story. Be this new person, and do not think it too difficult or impossible to become this person. Know that you are the main character I nyour book of life and because it’s only a store, you can recreate your character any way you want her to be.

Give yourself permission to undertand that emotions are reactions to your judge. First your judge and then you feel an emotion from that judgement. There is nothing wrong with feeling emotions. Only strive to feel emotions from what is real, that which is being.  And remember all negative emotions come from our belief in our judgements.

Give yourslef permission to be what you want to be and to do what you want to do. Do not believe your own rules. The judge made them and the rules you have about what you can and can’t do are no more real than your story.

Give yourself permission to understand that Self Love-Abundance. To the amount that you love yourself create abundance. Begin to love yourself so much you are willing to give yourself everything.

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