The importance of you supporting SAWNTV as a South Asian man

The importance of you supporting SAWNTV as a South Asian man

South Asian women network TV is not for faint of heart, it is a real cause for real people and dealing with real issues facing our community. As much as sponsors want happy causes to support, reality can be bitter right out. What is in it for me? What are the results? How do you measure that by whose standards? What change is brought about?

If you are trying to nail a board, you must hit on the nail for it to go in. It is the same concept, if we seriously want to address South Asian issues, serve the community and bring about change. We must face it directly and squarely despite other opinions and preferences.

You or anybody else don’t have to like or agree with what you hear or see, however, if it solves the problem, brings the solutions to our community especially women that is the right cure. Sometimes we take very bitter pills to heal our ailments, it the same idea.

Trust me, when I tell you that it takes many factors to hold the bull by the horn.

  1. Courage to speak out
  2. Humility to deal with guilt, shame or any embarrassment
  3. Confidence to stand by your convictions
  4. Sacrifices to keep your word, agreement or promise with yourself or others
  5. Anger to get yourself moving to take the ownership and hold yourself and others accountable
  6. Faith in the face of obstacles, doubt, fear and uncertainty

I agree that life is an illusion and we are all pushed to play the game. However to the tune of whom, for what what end.

If you are one of those men who jump to conclusions, get threatened easily or are fearful of women, this is not a place for you.

However if you are a real man who believes in taking responsibility, in inter-dependance of humans on each other and making a difference, you are in the right place.

What impact would the following have on you, your immediate family, your children and your society, if

  • happy
  • considerate
  • educated
  • self-sufficient
  • responsible
  • pro-active and engaged in life

An uninspired woman cooped up in a house is neither good for you or the society.

Rome was not build in one day or by one person, the same thing applies to South Asian Women Network TV. The king who dreamt up the concept must have been thought crazy or perhaps because he had the funds, so nobody questioned him.

SAWNTV needs your support starting with your belief in its’ determination in serving our women and as a by product, you, your children and the community,.

We don’t want our girls to run away from home, we don’t want your women to become rebellious, we don’t want to create problems, but we want them to be true real partners in your life making your life easier, happier and healthier.

We need funds to create the programming, for funds, for operations and for any activities involving in promoting health and well being of our women.

We deal with many issues, when it comes to South Asian women and educating them will only flourish us as communities.

Please contact us at for your support.

Thank you.

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