The Man Who Planted Trees

Our Inspiration and Philosophy comes from this great work.

The Man Who Planted Trees – Part 1/2

The Man Who Planted Trees – Part 2/2

Excerpts from the Man Who Planted Trees
This man spoke very little often the way with people who live alone, he appeared sure of himself, and confident in this assurance, which seemed remarkable and strange in this baron land. Neat and tidy, dishes washed, floor swept and soup simmered over the fire, freshly shaved, buttons sown and clothes were darned with meticulous care which makes men invisible. Friendly and quite who shared his food. He did not smoke.

It was clear that his own labor had restored the ruins; solid and strong. Being with this man brought me a great sense of peace. He had with drawn in solitude and was content to live quietly with the land and dog. Gave me an impression that nothing could upset him.

He added that, having nothing more important to do, he had resolved to remedy the situation. He himself did not care to know who the owners were. He replied very simply that, if God gave him life, in thirty years he would have planted so many other trees that these ten thousand would be like a drop of water in the ocean. I was young and only thought of the future that affected me and my search for happiness. We think of men of 50 ancient, nothing better to do, but die.

Rodents and to everything else that is unpredictable in the designs of Providence; studying, danger and so changed occupation. He said that it was his work that he examined very very carefully. The war had not disturbed him and he had quietly continued. All of this was work of the hand and soul of one man; it seemed that men could be as effective as God in tasks other than destruction. He had followed his dream. Creation it seemed had followed naturally. As for providence, she would have needed a cyclone to destroy this creation of man.

He had not worried about it resolutely; he had gone about his work as his simple task with infinite care.

Who could have ever imagined such constant magnificent generosity? I never saw him loose heart, nor was he ever deterred, and often God knows that it must have seemed that heaven itself was against him. I never try to imagine his frustrations, but to achieve such an end he must have had to overcome many obstacles. For such passion to succeed he must surely fought and conquered despair. Must remember that this exceptional man had worked in utter solitude. Solitude so complete that towards the end of his life; he had lost the habit of speech or perhaps he saw no need for it.

More than 10,000 people owe their happiness to him. When I think that one man, one body, and one spirit was enough to turn a dessert into the land of Cayman. I find after all that a man’s destiny can be truly wonderful. When I consider the passionate determination and unfailing generosity of spirit it took to achieve this end. I am filled with admiration for this old unlearned peasant who was able to complete a task worthy of God.

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