What do South Asian parents want from their children

What do South Asian parents want from their children?

We want to see our children happy, healthy and prosperous pursuing their dreams regardless of their faith, age, gender or station in life.

It would be ideal to hear that from our parents that they want us to be true to ourselves above all the dogma of culture or people.

Regardless of religion.

Regardless of country.

Regardless of gender.

Regardless of age.

As parents we will protect our children against prejudice, discrimination and disdain of other people in the community who hold onto staunch belief of old mindset.

We are educated.

We are free.

We promote basic human rights and privileges.

We encourage our children to follow truth regardless of it being ugly or beautiful, regardless of it offending or assisting or regardless of it being self serving or not.

We grow stronger with our family, religious and cultural values, yet still be amazing individuals pursuing our own calling in life.

Change is the only permanent thing and at that there is no permanence.

So why hold onto life so tight.

Let it flow for ourselves and our children to make their happiness, health and prosperity be the main aim in life.

It is not a foreign concept and it can permeate into your new consciousness.

So what our child does not live at home, so what they married out of the culture or so what they pursued a non-traditional life.

We will see examples of that in other families and must adjust yourself to the changes.

We may want to fulfil our un-lived lives, dreams and hopes through your children.

We may want them to bring us honour, respect and fame.

We may want them to become a sports star, doctor or a lawyer that we wanted to become.

We may want them to marry a certain somebody.

Just because we put our dreams on the shelf for later, we stayed in the shadows, we were shallow with our own dreams, we shrank our dreams or just shopped around all our lives. It does not mean that we shoot our children’s dreams down or not let them shine.

We will encourage our children, build them up, support them and stand by them to achieve their highest potential in the endeavour they choose and be the cheerleaders.

We love them unconditionally because they are the future and they have their own calling and inner voice that they must listen to.

We will be their friends and parents, a safe place that they can call home.


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