Why the need for South Asian Women Network TV SAWNTV

Why the need for South Asian Women Network TV SAWNTV

From time to time, you hear about atrocities dealing with South Asian women in the news either through something horrific like Honour Killings or through a documentary bringing a serious condition of these women to light or through a medium of a movie in a somewhat lighter format.

A person with common sense will know that not all South Asian women are abused, maltreated or oppressed. However, the majority is and the oppression is so ingrained in the patriarchal culture, religious rituals and family expectations that it is difficult to detect or title. A systematic injustice is tough to stand against.

When we see an accident or mishap on the news, we say to ourselves that it not us or our families. Treating these women as them. Either it is the women in that situation or affected by it somehow. Unless they have become so complacent, feel helpless or left their future to destiny or a higher power.

Majority of South Asian women prefer watching television over other mediums of communication. Perhaps, it is due to them being home, family and children keepers.

As long as one is content with the status quo, there is no problem. However the moment you want something more and it is not in conjunction with the family, culture or religious values, the problem starts.

Do they have the guts, resources and support to make happen what they want?

  • We can find many cop outs that someone is taking care of the problem. Who and in what capacity?
  • South Asian women need a voice to advocate and bring awareness to their issues.
  • They need support to continue their journey on whatever their inner voice pushes them to do.
  • Knowledge is another critical factor in giving them the right maps to pursue to their dreams.

There are so many conditions that are status quo and maybe considered insignificant. As the saying goes, if it is not broken why fix it.

However the hidden consequences on ourselves, our husbands, our children and our community are hidden, but detrimental.

Let us see a South Asian woman who is not encouraged to be literate in the language of her country, unable to work or drive, or think for herself, she becomes a burden, a liability and  a danger. The story below will illustrate the importance of enabling our women.

A man comes across a baboon in the forest and befriends him. They walk together, talk and laugh. Finally, there comes a time to get some rest, so he goes to sleep under a tree. The baboon sees a fly sitting on his friends nose. He gets angry, how could you sit on my friend’s nose. He takes a big rock and smashes the fly. Unfortunately since the fly is on his friends nose, the friend is killed. Education, knowledge and ability to be smart only protects us.

There are many perspectives on women’s issues. However, when the attitude is right, the facts don’t count.

Why the need for South Asian Women Network TV SAWNTV is an open dialogue, please feel free to comment below.

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