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Baldev Mutta Punjabi Community Health Services

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Baldev Mutta Punjabi Community Health Services

Baldev Mutta Punjabi Community Health Services

One man with courage is a majority.” Thomas Jefferson

On a sunny, yet windy morning walking to a beautiful countryside house with lots of greenery around, the Punjabi Community Health Centre seemed the perfect environment for social service.

It reminded me of a farmhouse of Punjab.

We were greeted professionally at the reception.

The office was very organized, functional and looked established.

We had the pleasure of meeting Baldev Mutta of Punjabi Community Health Services of Brampton, Ontario. Canada.

He reminded us of an unsung hero of our community who was quietly going about his work with an unassuming manner.

Let me tell you what a pleasure it was to meet someone so passionate to help our community.

The resolve, the determination and the anger that I saw in him to take ownership of what is going on in our community and do something about it was amazing.

He opened his office and his heart to us to cooperate and share his vision with South Asian Women Network TV.

I was moved by his concern, his care, his vision and his conviction to do something about the current affairs.

Mr. Mutta has been on this journey since 1992 and does not seem like anything will stop him.

His commitment to address family as a unit and especially men as active change agents was remarkable.

We admire him for helping South Asian women, men, children and seniors.

Thank you Mr. Mutta for your cooperation, willingness to help and for making a difference for us.

Please keep up the great work.

We look forward to learning from you, working with you and making change happen in any capacity.

Please support Baldev Mutta and his team at Punjabi Community Health Services PCHS.

Website: https://www.pchs4u.com/


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P.s., Let us put away our differences and come together to support our community for better and healthier family lives. Nobody is perfect and we all have our own idiosyncrasies, our own purpose and vision. Let us admire and support those who are making the effort to be agents of change for the South Asian community. Please stop criticizing or judging and join hands to help each other to make a difference. You don’t have to be impressed by anyone, just look at their deeds, their efforts and their intentions to appreciate and to support them.

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